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🎸🎶 Welcome to the official Facebook page of Patrick Lew Band! 🤘🎵 Join us on our musical journey as we rock the internet with our unique sound. 🌐🎸 🔗 Check out our for all things Patrick Lew Band! 🎧📀 From our latest releases to exclusive content, you'll find it all there. 🎶📲 👫 Let us introduce ourselves: Patrick Lew and Madeline Lew. We are a dynamic duo, both in music and in life. 🎤💑 Our passion for rock music brought us together, and we've been creating magic ever since. 🎵✨ 📚 Our story begins with a shared love for classic rock and a dream to make our mark in the music industry. 🌟🎸 We started as a small garage band, honing our skills and crafting our own sound. 🎶🔨 🎵 Over the years, we have evolved and grown as musicians, experimenting with different genres and pushing boundaries. 🎶🌌 Our music is a fusion of rock, alternative, and indie, with heartfelt lyrics that resonate with our listeners. 🎶💔 🏆 Our journey has been filled with accomplishments and milestones. 🎉 We have released several albums, performed at renowned venues, and garnered a dedicated fan base. 🎶🎉 🌍 Join us as we continue to create music that speaks to the soul and inspires others. 🎵✨ Follow us for updates on our latest projects, upcoming shows, and behind-the-scenes glimpses into our lives as musicians. 🎸🎤 #PatrickLewBand #RockMusic #IndieRock #MusicJourney #PassionForMusic


Want to enjoy new and interesting songs or unique and entertaining YouTube content? Patrick Lew Hayashi is the guy for you. He has been creating amazing and amusing content in terms of songs and videos for 20 years. The idea of making a fictional character of his sister Madeline and starting a band named Patrick Lew Band (PLB) with her is humorously intelligent. This idea is getting a lot of attention.


Patrick Lew is an Asian-American multitalented artist, possessing the incredible skills of a singer, guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and YouTuber. His style is mostly Hard Rock as he has a fondness for all the genres. His sole purpose is to create vibe music to save people from negativity by amusing them through entertaining songs. Regardless of no support from around him, he smiles and puts smiles on other people’s faces. Patrick Lew was born and grew up in San Francisco to a Japanese mother and a Chinese father on November 15, 1985. Being a 90’s kid, he creates many nostalgic videos, such as the one he recently made, a 90's themed documentary about his journey.


Patrick fell for music at an early age. The childhood of Patrick Lew seemed good enough to an outsider, but he was facing a lot. His grandfather, who was as close as a best friend to him, died in his childhood. Plus, he was facing a lot of racism and negativity in school and other surroundings. Patrick turned to video games, television, and professional wrestling to get rid of all the negativity. He also fell for music as it distracted him.

Patrick’s parents’ love for music also played a part in creating a music fondness in him. He grew up listening to his mother’s favorite genre, classic rock, by The Beatles and Stones, and his dad’s favorite funk, R & B, and Motown music.

The Start of a Musical Journey

Patrick’s musical journey began in 2001 when he was just 16 years old. He would create mixes for solo and high school bands and upload them on social media sites under multiple band names. After finishing his schooling at Wallenberg High School, he got admission to CSU East Bay and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Philosophy with a minor in Music Composition. The band also ended up with the name Patrick Lew Band then.

The Patrick Lew Band (PLB), which hails from the thriving American city of San Francisco, is a major player in the Rock music scene. They have built out a unique sound with their fusion of Rock, J-POP, and Alternative Rock that makes them stand out from the competition. The Patrick Lew Band's music engulfs you from the moment you press play, grabbing your attention and refusing to let go.

They produce an exhilarating atmosphere with their unbridled energy and contagious songs that leaves fans wanting more. The group's versatility and musical aptitude are demonstrated by their ability to smoothly combine parts of Rock, J-POP, and Alternative Rock. Their music has a life of its own, driven by the mysterious frontman Patrick Lew. Every song is given a sense of passion and intensity by Patrick's strong vocals and his captivating songwriting. The Patrick Lew Band's songs touch listeners on a profound emotional level, whether they are gritty, hard-hitting Rock anthems or more reflective and melodic works.

Today, he has a number of songs uploaded on various music websites such as Apple Music, Spotify, etc. His most famous works are Glaring Dream, Badlands, Try a Little Harder, Chasing Reality, Orgasm, and many more.

Madeline Lew

Patrick has one real brother, Ricky Lew, but he always says that he has two siblings. The other is his fictional sister Madeline, whom he created to make entertaining content. Madeline is Patrick dressed as a girl. He used this character for making music as well as making YouTube content. He even made a separate channel on YouTube in her name where he uploads funny content.


Patrick received a number of naming achievements which spread his fame a lot. For example, he was the first Japanese-American male to receive the honor of 40 Under 40 Hall of Fame in 2019. He got a lot of appreciation for his work under Patrick Lew Band at the age of 33. At age 38, his project PLB was included in the Class of 2023 Akademia Music Awards Hall of Fame. 

The Patrick Lew Band is an absolute force in the Rock music world thanks to their distinctive sound and outstanding talent. They stand out from their colleagues because of their capacity to push limits and give exceptional performances. As this innovative band continues to create waves and leave their impact on the worlds of Rock and Alternative music, keep an eye out for them.

Patrick is not stopping here though. He is ready for more struggles in the future for his fans. He is currently working on a project (LEWNATIC) which he is going to launch soon. And he is also planning to continue making music with the Patrick Lew Band going forward. Keep following him on social media for more updates. CLICK HERE: 


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It’s official ladies and gentlemen. Patrick Lew Band (PLB) is now in the Hall of Fame related to music!

Almost 23 years of busting my butt doing PLB really paid off well.

At age 37, I’m officially a Hall of Famer related to music with the Patrick Lew Band. I just got this news via email today. I’m invited to attend the ceremony to collect my lifetime achievement award, but I’m still deliberating.

I would love to thank all my friends, family, Madeline Lew, and everyone else who was in the band for their contributions to my music and all the 9 yards. And most importantly, I wanna thank each and everyone of you around the world for tuning in daily, weekly, yearly, to my body of musical work with PLB online and on your smart devices. This what dreams are made of. And I done it finally. G.O.A.T status bound. And most of all, thank you, to one special person in Heaven. Mom. 🥹🙌






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