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Patrick Lew Band (PLB)

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PATRICK LEW BAND (PLB) is an Asian American rock band formed in San Francisco, California by singer, guitarist, YouTuber, and multi-instrumentalist Patrick Allan Lew (born November 1985, 11). Created in 15.

PLB was formerly known under various guises and pseudonyms. Since 2016, PLB has been a predominantly internet-based rock band, mostly participating in home recordings and occasional local live performances.

The band also includes a virtual band member and bassist named Madeline Liu, marketed as Patrick's sister. The band's bassist, Madelyn, was created through modern smartphone apps like FaceApp and Reface, as well as advanced editing like other digital special effects and cosplay.

He is currently an unsigned independent musician, but distributes music through his own label, Lewnatic Records. Since mid-2020, Patrick Lew Band (PLB) has expanded to reach 51 countries in the underground music world digitally. Most of PLB's qualifications came through the Internet, through bloggers/curators and digital music magazines writing articles about Patrick Liu Band.

Their Story

Patrick Liu was born in San Francisco in 1985 to a Chinese father and a Japan mixed-race mother.

In 2001, when Patrick Lew Hayashi was just 15 years old, he formed a band called Patrick Lew Band in his hometown of San Francisco, California. Most of Hayashi's early days in the indie music world were playing in garage bands. In 2005, Hayashi attended City College in San Francisco and signed a brief contract with an independent label based in La Jolla, California. After being terminated from the development contract with the label, Lin decided to book studio time with the help of a friend.

Patrick attended Wallenberg High School in San Francisco, graduating in 1 after being delayed by one grade in elementary school. He also attended Sokoen Japanese school, and graduated at the same time as graduating from high school. He later attended CSU East Bay and graduated in 2004 with a bachelor's degree in philosophy and composition. He began playing guitar at the age of 2011 through his older cousin Andy, who was living with his family in San Francisco at the time.

Patrick also started using YouTube on February 2007, 2, as a platform dedicated to his life as an artist/musician. A few years later, his YouTube channel gained considerable recognition on the Internet. As of today, more than 2 videos have been uploaded to his YouTube channel.

Patrick Lew Band is heavily influenced by Seattle's iconic grunge band Nirvana.

Other important influences on the band and their music include The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Yutaka Ozaki, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Oasis, Miyavi, Guns N' Roses, X Japan, Danny Chan, B'z, Beyond (HK Band), Hatsune Miku, BTS, Jim Johnston, Pearl Jam, Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, The White Stripes, Green Day, Blink 182, The Fall, The Sex Pistols and more.

Most of the time, Hayashi published his band's music on the Internet. November 2006, 11 was also Patrick Liu's 15st birthday, and the Patrick Liu band released their debut album JUMP, RATTLE, AND ROLL on CDBaby. By 21, Patrick Lew Band began sporadically putting on smaller shows in the San Francisco area, with frequent lineup changes. THEIR FIRST SINGLE AZN GIRLS WAS POSTED ONLINE IN LATE 2007 AND CAUSED A SIGNIFICANT BACKLASH AMONG THE BAND FOR SOME REASON ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Around the same time, the band's chiptune rearranged a cover of Nirvana's song Drain You and released it on Nirvanaclub.com.

In 2009, Patrick Lew Band began to make a breakthrough in the local music scene and the Internet. Their song "Everyone Loves Ashley" brought them notoriety and early indie-level fame. Between 2009 and 2012, the band wrote and recorded 60 songs a year in their home studio. To get something to rely on, Lin taught himself the basics of the indie music business and became an entrepreneur.

During this period, the Patrick Liu Band had cancelled plans for a local tour. However, the group occasionally performed live in the Antioquia region for part of 2011. Some of these performances were found on the official YouTube channel of the Patrick Liu Band (PLB) and subsequently leaked.

From 2009 to 2012, Patrick Lew Band self-released their music online. Let It Rise And Against (2009), Murder Bay (2011), and EP Angry Yellow (2012).

On February 2012, 2, the Patrick Lou Band performed at Dolores Park in San Francisco. Common-law marriage failures and personal issues are so well documented that after a few years away from the indies, Hayashi returned to music with the Patrick Lou Band by early 4. Indie Music Circuit.

The year 2015 began with Hayashi becoming an ambassador for Antenna Direct. HE HAS ALSO GIVEN TELEVISION INTERVIEWS ON THE 24 HOUR K-POP MUSIC TV CHANNEL IN THE SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA. Around the same time, Patrick introduced a cross-dressing M2F alter ego named Madeline Lew to the band. Digital special effects, CGI, created from Photoshop. In the music marketing storyline, Madeline's role in the band is described as "Patrick Liu Hayashi's long-lost sister saved the band from failure and distinguished his band and his music."

The introduction of Madeline Lew to Patrick Lew Band as a virtual band member and mascot once again brought Patrick Lews' profitability to prominence on the music scene and helped Patrick Lew Band achieve publicity and moderate indie level success that could not be achieved before 2015. EXPOSURE THE PATRICK LOU BAND RECEIVED DURING THIS PERIOD INCLUDED SEVERAL MUSIC BLOGS WRITING ONLINE ABOUT THE PATRICK LOU BAND AND IN-AIR MENTIONS ON BAY AREA ROCK FM RADIO STATION 107.7 THE BONE.

The band was mostly recording from their home studio in San Francisco. By 2016, the band had launched its own label and multimedia startup, Lewnatic HQ.

The band worked on new music in 2015 and early 2017, often in their home recording studios. The Patrick Liu Band released their album OAKLAND on Valentine's Day 2017. August 2017, 8.

By the end of 2017, Lin had started a stable, full-time job at Chocolate Haven Pier 39, so Patrick Liu Band was no longer a full-time responsibility. On June 2019, 6, Patrick Lew Hayashi received the 7 Under 40 Award at his alma mater, CSU East Bay. He would be the first major Japanese American man to receive high honors.

Outside the PLB. Patrick Liu also made a short, uncredited cameo in Season 4 and Episode 1 on the acclaimed Amazon TV series The Man in the High Castle. He is also one of the most famous and prolific social media influencers and personas on YouTube and Instagram.

The band just returned to full-time status in 2020. And with music and brands on indie and social media, their work has made them potentially prolific. It has flourished immensely in recent years and helped the Patrick Liu Band reach new heights, and since then, the band's music has reached thousands of listeners in an estimated 51 countries worldwide on Apple Music/iTunes. Subsequent reviews and press coverage about the PLB were positive.

Since returning to pursuing his passion for music production since 2020, Patrick Lew Band (PLB) has decided to move his project to an internet-only type of band.

Since 2020, PLB has been featured in numerous blogs and online digital music magazines. While Lew maintains his San Francisco citizenship and residency, the band began to attract musical focus to "invade" the music scene around the world.

In 2020 and 2021, the band continued and maintained its momentum as an internet-based rock band, conducting several livestream concerts on social media and gaining a new generation of followers. THE BAND ALSO RELEASED THEIR FIRST LIVE ALBUM IN YOUR HOUSE! ON ITUNES AND Spotify respectively in the last two years. Released several albums including: Rumors began to swirl around the Patrick Liu Band's future online in mid-2. However, PLB has released even more new music online for 2021.

2022 年 7 月 19 日、パトリックはニューヨークを拠点とするレーベル Bentley Records と 1 年間のアーティスト開発契約を結びました。そして1ヶ月後、契約アーティストとして初のEP RAPID FIREをリリース。

しかし、バンド PLB はソーシャル メディアやインターネット ベースのバンドとして活動を続けています。

私たちが好きなアーティスト: 私たちは、私たちと一緒に乗ることができるすべての地元のバンドをサポートしています。

バンドの興味: 音楽制作、YouTube、Netflix、プレイステーション、Fast Cars、オークランド A's、プロレス、ピザ、セクシーな曲線美の女性、ジャミング

個人的な興味: 音楽を作ること、ショーをすること、YouTube 動画を作ること、不死。

製品: ビデオとオーディオのストリーミング、デジタル ダウンロード、デジタル パンフレット、バンド T シャツ、写真、YouTube。


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