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Lalo The Don (aka Thug Gentleman)
Exclusive Interview

May 28, 2020

Former pro wrestler and currently hip hop rapper and producer, Lalo the Don (aka Thug Gentleman), was in Tokyo, Japan from Dec. 2 to 10, 2019. recently talked to him about his trip to Japan.
Thank you for the interview. How was your trip to Japan?

Lalo the Don:
The flight from NY to Tokyo is a long fourteen hour plane flight.
Where did you go

Lalo the Don:
I performed and filmed videos in Toudoukan, a martial arts/wrestling shop in Toshima, Booty Studios in Koto and Club Echelon in Fussa. I also went to see friends and explored Akihabara, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Nihonbashi and more.

What did you do?

Lalo the Don:
I performed live shows, autograph signing and filmed videos. I worked with sexy dancers from Club Echelon and also worked with the beautiful and talented female pro wrestler Hana Kimura on music videos and a photography project. The music videos will be released later this year (2020).

Club Echelon Dancers
What are some highlights?

Lalo the Don:
I met a lot of wonderful fans of my music. Autograph signing in some stores and restaurants like Hooters in Shibuya. I also met Harold Meij president of New Japan Pro Wrestling and Keiko Tanaka the wife of legend Rikidozan. I was honored at Ribera Steakhouse, a wrestling/boxing/mixed martial arts themed steak house restaurant, in Meguro with one of their famous jackets!  

Hooters Shibuya Autograph Session

Hana Kimura invited me to see her wrestle for World Wonder Ring Stardom wrestling show live. She told me she was a fan of my music and wanted to meet me in April in America but because of the Corona travel ban she was not able to travel.

Hana Kimura ¼
Anything else you want to say to your Japanese friends and fans?

Lalo the Don:
I love Tokyo. It is a very magical, beautiful place. Everyone treated me kindly. I respect and love the Japanese people.

I hope to explore more of Japan and meet more fans. I want to return and make everyone smile.

I also have a message to Hana Kimura's family and her fans.

RIP Hana Kimura

* Sadly, Hana Kimura passed away on May 23, 2020 due to suicide apparently brought on by cyberbullying. She was a female pro wrestler and was on the Fuji TV / NetFlix reality TV series "Terrace House".

Hana Kimura was a beautiful, talented and special person. Her smile can bring sunshine to a room. I wish I had more time with her. I pray for her mother Kyoko and the family. I pray that her fans keep her in memory and continue to support her.

If anyone has suicide thoughts please call for help. We need to help each other.

* The staff of wish to convey our condolences to Hana Kimura's family and friends.

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